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Why College Advising Corps?

Because for countless of bright and capable high school students, opportunity doesn't knock.


By 2025, two-thirds of all jobs in the United States will require some education beyond 12th grade.

Our nation needs the talents, energies, and dreams of every young mind possible. Yet extraordinary numbers of qualified students from low-income communities are not realizing higher education opportunities. We give students a personal role model, champion, and resource who understands what they are up against, and is available every day to help them.

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We’re different.

Our near-peer advisers are placed in under-resourced high schools across the country. They serve full-time, available to all students every day. Advisers tailor opportunities to meet a student’s vision and goal—whether that means enrolling in a degree or credential program.

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Our Impact

We foster inclusion and ignite a higher education culture in schools. Students see themselves in their advisers, which builds incredibly supportive, powerful connections.
33 %

more likely to apply to a college or university

13 %

more likely to be accepted to a college or university

31 %

more likely to apply for a scholarship

We are committed to helping high school students realize their dreams.