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Paving The Way To Opportunity

Samantha Carey, Adviser 2020-2022

The Utah Jazz scholarship is a huge deal to POC students in Utah. It covers the full cost of attendance including tuition, fees, textbooks, and room and board at one of six major universities in Utah. They also receive a laptop and mentoring from the Jazz plus more. Ogden School District received over 10% of the scholarships this year. College Advising Corps advisers Ben Lomond and Sam Carey had four recipients.

Princess is a first-generation college student and a young mom. She has always dreamed of pursuing higher education. Princess received the Utah Jazz scholarship and will be the first person in her entire extended family to attend college. She often talks about her son and the impact he has on her motivation. Having a child while in high school encouraged Princess to do everything in her power to make the best life for him. She has the drive and determination to change the world.

Being a College Access adviser is hard work. We strive to help our students succeed and often don’t see the students’ success. We are dedicated to helping students get into college and apply for FAFSA and scholarships. Having a handful of students receive life-changing scholarships and get accepted to their dream school has been a very rewarding experience for me.

We are planting the seeds with the hope of  adults that have much to contribute to society. I look forward to seeing what these students do with their lives and I feel blessed to have helped them figure out what path they want to take.

If you are a College Advising Corps adviser and have a success story or promising practice you’d like to share, please contact Karen E. Butler, Sr. Director of Communications. If you are a recent or soon-t0-be college graduate and are interested in learning more about becoming a College Advising Corps adviser, please visit Become An Adviser.

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Samantha Carey served as a College Advising Corps adviser at the University of Utah from 2020 to 2022. She is currently pursuing a master's degree.