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University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

College Advising Corps at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley uses a hybrid advising model (in-school and virtual advising) and leverages the unique experiences of recent college graduates to serve as near-peer advisers who provide services that help high school students pursue postsecondary education opportunities. Hybrid advisers offer college admissions and financial aid advising to high school students and their families through one-on-one and group sessions that help students identify colleges that will serve them well, complete their admissions and financial-aid applications, and enroll successfully at the college they choose after graduating high school. The program is committed to increasing the number of first-generation and underrepresented students entering and completing higher education.

Serving as a College Advising Corps adviser gives me the chance to support the leaders of the next generation by providing them with assistance and guidance to overcome any barriers they may face or with opportunities that arise when it comes to their post-secondary education decisions. Arsenio Avila , Hybrid Adviser

High schools served