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University of California, Santa Barbara

Giving Students A Personal Role Model & Resource

College Advising Corps and the University of California, Santa Barbara’s (UCSB’s) Office of Education Partnerships in 2019. During the program’s first year, the five college advisers were placed in five high schools across three school districts. Today, six advisers serve at six high school across four districts

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Serving as an adviser not only positively impacted my professional trajectory, but I was also able to provide resources to my community to continue empowering students in becoming the leaders I know they can be. Melani Castellanos, Adviser

High schools served

  • Carpinteria High School
  • Lompoc High School
  • Santa Paula High School
  • Oxnard High School
  • Rio Mesa High School
  • Adolfo Camarillo High School


UCSB MESA College Prep Program