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Our Financials

The College Advising Corps national office plays a unique role as both a resource for partners in its national network and a thought leader among college access and workforce readiness nonprofits.

Our financials are also based on partnership. The overall budget for our work in FY 2023-24 totals $64.4 million, with the national office covering $24.1 million in expenses and partners covering $40.3 million in expenses. 

College Advising Corps’ most recent Audited Financial Statements, IRS 990 filing, and Annual Report are provided below. These documents reflect the operational results of our national office and do not represent consolidated financial information of partners in our network. As separately incorporated 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations, every partner in our network is required to complete their own independently audited Annual Financial Statements and form IRS 990. 

National Office Expenses
Five-Year Average, FY 2019-23

Who Supports the National Office

Pie chart showing CAC's support and revenue.

How We Use this Support

Pie Chart showing a breakdown of CAC Expenses

Our Financial Documents

*CAC’s educational conferences were largely virtual from FY 20-22 due to the pandemic.