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Laurie Schaecher

Manager, Impact & Evaluation

Laurie Schaecher is the Manager of Impact and Evaluation. Working with I&E analysts, program partners and internal teams, she oversees College Advising Corps’ program evaluations to measure and communicate national and local impact.

Prior to joining College Advising Corps, Laurie worked for over ten years as a consultant to nonprofit organizations, evaluating community engagement programs, identifying opportunities for new ventures, and assessing overall strategy. Her clients included national health organizations, hospitals, wildlife conservation groups and international development nonprofits. She also worked as a fundraising analyst, identifying key indicators of program success and leading industry trainings on building data driven strategy. Additionally, she was an Adjunct Instructor teaching Data Visualization and Storytelling to graduate students at UNC.

Laurie holds a bachelor’s degree in American History from Middlebury College and an MPH in Health Policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Laurie loves to run trails with her dogs, work in her yard, and cheer on the UNC basketball team. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.